Tickets for the Hudson Valley LIVE Audience Event are Available Now! Buy Tickets
Sept. 6, 2021

Tickets for the live audience event are available now!

Tickets for the live audience event are available now!

Purchase Tickets Now $100/person

We are so excited to see you in the Hudson Valley on November 6, 2021. Tickets include:

  • A Meet-and-Greet with Stacy Grinsfelder, Daniel Kanter, Susan & William Brinson, and Devyn Caldwell.
  • A house tour of Stony Ford
  • Light food and drink
  • The recording of two episodes of True Tales From Old Houses with YOU in the audience.

Stony Ford is the beautiful historic home of Susan and William Brinson, also known as, House of Brinson. One episode will feature Susan and Will, and the second episode will feature the endearing and hilarious Daniel Kanter. In addition, Devyn Calwell will reprise his role as co-host and answer Q&A with Stacy.

These tickets are for the in-person event. We are still working on the Zoom component for those who cannot travel to the Hudson Valley. TBA

Due to the requirements of our venue (private residence) and the ongoing pandemic, proof of a Covid-19 vaccination will be required to attend. Masks or additional onsite testing (low to no-cost) may be required, but we will determine that closer to the event. Thank you for understanding.

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