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If you own an old house, you NEED this show!!

I binged my way through all the episodes during a couple thousand-mile road trips, and am now working my way through them for a second time! The hosts' and guests' passion for old houses is contagious, and there is so much information and inspiration in every episode that I almost always take notes! Old house owners everywhere -- this show is an absolute MUST LISTEN!!!

Valuable content

I love listening to Stacy talk about old houses! She offers a great balanced perspective on taking care of historic homes and her guests are always interesting.

Fantastic 👌🏻

I absolutely love this podcast. The content and guests are always so funny, knowledgeable, and interesting. Stacy is an amazing host and always asks the best questions and keeps things fun!


A listen to episode #65 and it will become clear that you’ll need to binge listen to all previous episodes- entertaining, inspiring, and informative. The name says it all, “TRUE” Tales from Old Houses”. Listen up all old home lover’s!

Can’t Get Enough!

I am a sucker for stories, especially stories attached to places and people. Every story, every perspective captured here is interesting, rich with history and experience.

For old house enthusiasts

I look forward to every episode. Stacy has great conversations with the most interesting folks in the historic preservation world. I always learn something and I’ve discovered some of my favorite Instagram accounts through this podcast. Plus,ghost stories!

I am hooked!

I have officially fallen down the rabbit hole listening to episodes of True Tales from Old Homes. I absolutely love the raw honesty that is shared through this podcast. We just purchased a 1910 craftsman that needs a lot of work and are expecting it will take us 7-10 years to fully finish everything on our “to do list.” This show helps me feel confident and excited while preparing for the long journey and projects ahead. Keep up the great work and keep those episodes coming!

Love this podcast

This podcast has really helped me to feel better about the old house project I have coming up. So much good information, I look forward to every episode

What a wonderful podcast

Stacy has developed a great podcast that is a perfect mix of old-house-loving conversation an educational restoration information. Always engaging and a fun listen!

Love this show

So much great info on this show and entertaining to boot. If you own and old house, or any house or you just like old houses you should listen.

Best way to spend an hour

Just started listening recently after following Stacy over at BHH for a while. Truly a gem of a listen.

Love it!!

For anyone who has ever remodeled a historic home, this podcast is amazing and it gives you tips and ideas that can help you work even better.


I love this podcast! I binged all the episodes in 9 days. These episodes are packed with information. I have learned so much. It gives me hope that one day I just might be able to take on an old house myself. I have enjoyed every single guest and have followed all of these new exciting Instagram accounts. I will definitely miss Devon but still can’t wait for the new season.

Great listen!

I love listening to this podcast! It is very informative. I look forward to every new episode.

Fun, informative and inspirational

I listen to this at night. It makes me smile and gives me ideas. I go to sleep looking forward to the morning when I can get up and get back to work. These are my people!

Vested Interest...

I just listened to my first episode, Episode 36, Lee Ann - Show Me The Flow Blue. What a great podcast! So much information about the house and especially about Flow Blue. I knew a little about the house, but virtually nothing about Flow Blue. Now I know considerably more. I probably should mention that I’m Lee Ann’s dad.

A lovely, informational podcast

As an old home owner, I love hearing from others! Devin and Stacy are knowledgeable, and great to listen to and learn from!

My absolute favorite

If you love old houses and fabulous stories this is a must listen.

Such a great show

If you love old homes and preservation, this show is for you! From the warm hosts to the informative topics, to the incredible guests - this show has it all!

If you love old houses

If you love everything old house related, then you need to be listening to this podcast! It has provided a wealth of knowledge for us as we have been renovating our old farm house.

Look forward to every episode

I love this podcast. If you are into old houses, you will enjoy listening to Stacy and Devyn. They share their old house wins and woes, interview professionals or even have other homeowners on the show to share their work and passion for old houses.


So cool. We have a 1978 ranch and all original windows and the original door was recently replaced and regretting not installing the same style door.