May 13, 2019

Old House Love Moves A Bungalow Part 1

Old House Love Moves A Bungalow Part 1

Blake Hill House

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In this episode, Stacy's long-time dream of talking to someone who has moved an old house comes true. Larissa and Kris Munsch moved a bungalow, affectionately titled, "The Governor" from Ness City Kansas to their farm 71 miles away. The process was just as exciting and nervewracking as you can imagine. 

Thousands of people became acquainted with the Governor's journey first via Larissa's wildly popular Instagram account, Old House Love. With over 100k followers, Larissa never set out to be Insta-famous, but the old house loving community had other plans. Now, via hashtags and weekly photo features, Old House Love spreads the word about irreplaceable craftsmanship, preservation, and saving old houses all over the world. 

Today's episode is part 1 of 2.  




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